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Building a low-carbon, climate-resilient future

The European Union aims to develop solutions that will assure the carbon neutrality and climate resilience of Europe and to contribute substantially to similar achievements in neighbouring and developing countries in the second half of the century. This very ambitious goal requires a highly integrated approach through the multiple angles of society, economy, technology, industrial value chains and environment, health, land use and governance.

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The ECO2Fuel Project startet in October 2021 and has a duration of 5 years. What we archive, what we work on, how we work together and contribute to solving global energy challenges, we share with you on a regular basis.

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Not just talking about climate protection

Electrochemical synthesis technologies are very promising to produce sustainable fuels and chemicals directly from water, green electricity, and recycled CO₂ as they avoid the effort of high synthesis temperatures and pressures. In this free workshop we will share some insights of how far we’ve come in turning CO₂ into valuable chemicals.

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A promising technology to recycle carbon dioxide

The industrial implementation of direct low-temperature electrochemical CO2 reduction without the need for hydrogen has been reported as a promising technology to recycle carbon dioxide into sustainable, carbon-neutral fuels and chemicals which are the solution to minimizing the carbon footprint of hard-to-decarbonize industrial applications.

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Press, Articles & Journals

European Green Deal: EU-Kommission unterstützt 73 Forschungsprojekte mit einer Milliarde Euro

Elektrochemische Umwandlung von CO2 in nachhaltige flüssige Kraftstoffe

30 March 2022 -TRILATERAL ONLINE WORKSHOP - Carbon Capture and electrochemical Utilization of CO2 - From research to industrial application

European commission has granted the ECO2Fuel.