What is the ECO2Fuel project?

The ECO2Fuel project is a European initiative aimed at creating the world’s first 1MW low-temperature electrochemical CO2 conversion system. This system is designed to produce economical and sustainable e-fuels and chemicals from CO2, water, and renewable electricity under industrially relevant conditions.

How does the ECO2Fuel system work?

The ECO2Fuel system works by directly reducing CO2 through electrocatalytic conversion. This process uses water and renewable electricity, without the need for hydrogen. The operation is performed under low temperatures and pressures, below 80°C and 15 bar respectively.

What are the key features of the ECO2Fuel system?

The ECO2Fuel system is designed to efficiently couple with renewable energy sources due to its compatibility with dynamic loads. The technology we use is a unique CO2 co-electrolysis method, developed under a Horizon 2020 project.

What types of fuel are produced in the ECO2Fuel project?

The ECO2Fuel project produces liquid e-fuels, which will be evaluated as green alternative feedstock in Europe’s transport and energy sectors, which are among the most carbon-intensive sectors.

What are the environmental benefits of the ECO2Fuel project?

The ECO2Fuel project aims to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, a primary source of CO2 emissions and a significant contributor to climate change. By converting CO2 into liquid e-fuels, we recycle carbon, reduce CO2 emissions, and create a sustainable energy alternative.

How cost-effective is the ECO2Fuel project?

While specific cost details may vary, the ECO2Fuel project aims to create an economical alternative to traditional fuels. This will be achieved by leveraging renewable energy sources and advanced electrochemical conversion technologies.

What are the challenges facing the ECO2Fuel project?

The ECO2Fuel project faces challenges inherent to any innovative technology, such as optimizing the efficiency of the conversion process and ensuring the stability and scalability of the system under industrially relevant conditions.

What is the future of the ECO2Fuel project?

The ECO2Fuel project aims to set new standards for the industry by replacing fossil carbon in fuels and chemicals with recycled carbon from CO2. Our goal is to remove emissions from many essential items and to prevent further CO2 emissions, thereby contributing significantly to a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

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