The leading actor of CO2 Electroreduction

The electroreduction of CO2 bears several challenges, one of which is that the central reactant is in the gas phase. Due to that, when using conventional electrodes, the conversion of CO2 to valuable chemicals and fuels would proceed at a slow rate, rendering the process uneconomical.

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Submit your work on CO2 Electrolysis! Deadline 10 March 2023

We are looking forward to receiving your high-quality communications, research papers and review articles that address primarily the applied science side of CO2 electrolysis, ranging from electrode and membrane fabrication, long-term studies, full-cell experiments, CO2 electrolysis stack design, and complete CO2 electrolysis systems.

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The ECO2Fuel Project startet in October 2021 and has a duration of 5 years. What we archive, what we work on, how we work together and contribute to solving global energy challenges, we share with you on a regular basis.

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Welcoming two new team members

Without people with passion, expert knowledge and the right view, ECO2Fuel wouldn’t be possible. Today we want to welcome our newest team members from De Nora in Italy: Luca Riillo and Anna Ramunni

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European Green Deal: EU-Kommission unterstützt 73 Forschungsprojekte mit einer Milliarde Euro

Elektrochemische Umwandlung von CO2 in nachhaltige flüssige Kraftstoffe

30 March 2022 -TRILATERAL ONLINE WORKSHOP - Carbon Capture and electrochemical Utilization of CO2 - From research to industrial application

European commission has granted the ECO2Fuel.