ECO2Fuel featured on “Alles Chlor!”- Podcast

Delighted to share that ECO2Fuel was spotlighted on “Alles Chlor!” – a podcast hosted by the young chemists’ forum of the German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker).

Envision a world where we could extract CO2 directly from our atmosphere and seamlessly convert it into eco-friendly fuels and chemicals. While this may seem like an extract from a futuristic novel, it’s precisely what the EU-backed ECO2Fuel initiative aims to achieve.

Our Project Coordinator, Dr. Schwan Hosseiny from the German Aerospace Center, had the opportunity to discuss the groundbreaking technology we’re developing. Far from just theorizing, he’s leading a comprehensive strategy to usher Europe towards the bold goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

Dive headfirst into this riveting technological revolution in the (German) episode of “Alles Chlor!” Learn about the sophisticated science behind the tech, explore its potential to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and get a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of managing such a significant international endeavor.

Let’s shape the future, hand in hand!