Diesel Alcohol Blends Successfully Tested for Stability

In WP8 CRF provided very common and widespread specifications for the final diesel blend, based on international standards and in parallel with made a literature review to evaluate the possible problems related to the preparation of these blends.

UPV performed several stability tests of diesel alcohol blends, prepared according to the experimental matrix defined in D8.1.

An experiment table based on three diesel fuels with different certified biodiesel content (7-15-30%), with increasing concentrations of ethanol and propanol, at different temperatures was established ad tested. All the mixtures display good stability at 4 and 0°C and the behavior at very low temperature was compliant with the reference norm requirements.

RWE started the Integration of the adapted engine for peak-power generation and multiple carbon recycling. The Validation of the climate friendly peak-power production will begin in Q2, 2024 (M30).