A promising technology to recycle carbon dioxide

The industrial implementation of direct low-temperature electrochemical CO2 reduction without the need for hydrogen has been reported as a promising technology to recycle carbon dioxide into sustainable, carbon-neutral fuels and chemicals which are the solution to minimizing the carbon footprint of hard-to-decarbonize industrial applications.

However, direct electrolysis of CO2 never escaped the labs of the world’s universities and research facilities due to many challenges that prevented an upscale of the technology to a meaningful level.

This made it difficult to estimate their performance at industrial sizes until the LOTER.CO2M project in which we proved that a direct electrochemical reduction of CO2 is indeed a very promising technology to recycle carbon from CO2 and convert it into carbon-neutral fuels and chemicals at a 5kW scale. 

In ECO2Fuel, we will take this technology multiple steps further by upscaling it to 1 MW, allowing the conversion of CO2 at an industrial scale into carbon-neutral fuels and chemicals.