The  real sustainability impact of the ECO2FUEL technology

To have a good understanding of the real sustainability impact of the ECO2FUEL technology we use an integrated assessment including economic, environmental, and social aspects.

By integrating the three aspects in one assessment, the ECO2FUEL process as well as its full value chain can be understood and optimized towards the most sustainable configuration.

We map all costs and environmental impacts across the value chain and take into account the avoided impact of the fossil based liquid fuels that are substituted by the CO2 based liquid fuels.

We aim for cross sectoral interconnections and the creation of new value chains which implies that a large variety of stakeholders will be involved, and it is important that they all understand the impact of their activities on the sustainability of the applications. Only then these green molecules can enter the market. Having both the detailed assessment results and the integrated results, allows for informed decision making.

Within ECO2FUEL partners and stakeholders are involved across the full, new value chain which is crucial to better understand the complexity and interconnections. In each step of the value chain multiple options are available, e.g. which renewable energy or CO2 sources to target or which market for the end-product.

We will organize an interactive workshop to bring all insights from the different actors together, identify the synergies and potential barriers. This will improve the interactions and sharpen the focus to come to a successful and sustainable business case.