The Scaling-Up of CO2 Electrolysers

The ECO2Fuel project aims to bring direct fuel production from CO2 and water to the next level. All the main transformations occur inside electrochemical cells, but these cells are much more convenient and cost-effective if arranged side by side in a stack of cells. Leveraging their expertise in comparable processes, ARIEMA is primarily responsible for the implementation of a 50-kW “concept stack” and its subsequent scaling-up to a 1 MW solution, accelerating the way to industrial environments.

ARIEMA’s hydrogen production equipment at industrial size, while being developed for previous projects. Source: ARIEMA

Drawing from their extensive knowledge and experience in the field, ARIEMA has collaborated closely with VITO to design the first stack, mainly supporting the proposals with improvements related to manufacturing costs and availability, easy manufacturing, or procedures for a more versatile assembly and disassembly.

Once the design of the 50-kW stack is finished and tested, ARIEMA’s focus will shift to scaling-up the technology to a near 1 MW solution with Hygear, responsible for the final design of all other necessary components to feed and control the process in the stack.

By harnessing the power of innovative technologies and partnerships, ECO2Fuel paves the way for a sustainable and green future. ARIEMA’s expertise in engineering and manufacturing plays a vital role in this ambitious undertaking, as it is pivotal to the success of the ECO2Fuel project.

ARIEMA is an esteemed Spanish company headquartered in Madrid and is proud to be a key industrial partner in the ECO2Fuel project. Founded more than 20 years ago, ARIEMA offers specialized consultancy services, training in hydrogen technologies, and the manufacture of water electrolysers for clean hydrogen production. Currently, ARIEMA has several R&D projects underway to improve specifications and increase the capacity of its containerized electrolysers to the megawatt scale.