VITO is a leading European independent research/consultancy center active in cleantech and sustainable development, finding solutions for the grand societal challenges of tomorrow: climate change, food security, a sustainable energy supply, the aging population and scarcity of resources.

Within the business unit of Separation and Conversion Technology more than 100 researchers, support staff and students work on its strategic research program ‘Sustainable Chemistry’ with special focus on (1) process intensification through the integration of separation processes and (2) the use of alternative feedstocks, such as CO2.

The electrochemistry research at SCT is based on the skills, experience and infrastructure present in the group and linked to chemical conversion systems and their combination with separation systems.

The research team excels due to the combined expertise of electrochemistry, material and process development. The team members have a lot of experience in industrial wastewater treatment, bioremediation and alkaline and PEM fuel cell development and testing.

The research focus of the electrochemistry team at VITO has been the development of low cost and efficient electrodes and membranes. The gas diffusion electrodes to be used as air cathodes in MFCs are considered as the state of the art and are currently being optimized for CO2 conversion processes.

The team is engaged in electrosynthesis with projects on conversion of CO2 to ethanol, methanol, formic acid and conversion of acids to alcohols and production of ionic liquids. They have participated to numerous EU projects in the past, both as partner and coordinator.

Main Tasks in the Project ECO2Fuel

  • Stack and System design and construction
  • Knowledge on innovative compact electrolysis system for CO2 conversion to sustainable fuels
  • Requirements, boundaries and design specifications
  • Performance testing on-site