HyGear B.V. is a company based in Arnhem, The Netherlands, with focus on development and manufacturing of small scale gas processing plants and purification systems, such as hydrogen purification systems (Hy.REC) and on-site hydrogen generators (Hy.GEN) for industrial uses .

HyGear sells hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Since 2014 HyGear sells hydrogen to various industries (food, electronics, glass, metal treatment) and hydrogen as automotive fuel.

It supplies hydrogen using a combination of proprietary on-site production units and tube-trailers. HyGear’s core competence is small-scale gas processing and purification of hydrogen and has flexible engineering skills, prototyping and testing capabilities.

HyGear’s mission is to move hydrogen related technologies closer to market entry. With decentralized hydrogen production and cleaning/recycling systems, HyGear proved to be successful.

In 2019 HyGear added an alkaline electrolyser system to its product portfolio. Developments on other electrolyser technologies (PEM, AEM and SOE) have been undertaken since 2013 and will lead to a broadening of this product portfolio.

Main Tasks in the Project ECO2Fuel

  • Supporting the development of the 50 kW prototype system
  • Design and build the industrial size 1 MW-class system
  • Assist in testing the full size system