Gas diffusion electrode is where CO2 turns again into useful fuels

Fighting climate change – But how?

The ECO2fuel project represents a unique opportunity to bring the CO₂  electrochemical reduction technology to an industrial relevant level, representing a powerful route to achieve an important milestone towards a greener future.

Gas diffusion electrode is where CO₂ turns again into useful fuels, a core component for the ECO2Fuel technology.

“De Nora is committed to developing and providing efficient gas diffusion electrodes for this project, building its knowledge on almost one hundred years of experience on electrodes and electrochemistry.“, says Dr. Daniela Galliani, Lead Researcher at Industrie De Nora.

The Italian multinational company and global provider of innovative technologies and solutions, is recognized as a partner of choice for important industrial electrochemical processes.

Their technologies are recognized as a high-value enabler that facilitates transformation processes for many industrial applications: Such as chemistry, water purification, electronics, energy storage, infrastructural corrosion protection, and many others.