The Role of ECO2Fuel in the Clean Energy Working Group’s Pursuit of Decarbonization

The energy sector, responsible for over 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, is at the heart of the climate change issue.

The path to achieving the objectives of the Green Deal lies in decarbonizing our current energy production and enhancing energy efficiency. This journey necessitates fresh strategies and ground-breaking technologies.

The Clean Energy Working Group, a consortium of 16 projects from five distinct Green Deal Calls, is at the forefront of this transformation. The group’s primary focus is on decarbonizing energy through the inception and implementation of innovative technologies. These include renewable energy solutions and their seamless integration into the existing energy infrastructure.

Being a part of this influential group, we are addressing key challenges such as:

•       Scaling up hydrogen production

•       Transforming CO2 emissions from industrial operations into synthetic fuels

•       Advancing land-based renewable energy technologies and offshore renewable energy innovations.

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Clean Energy Working Group
Clean Energy Working Group