HYDROLITE Ltd. is a start-up Israeli company, owned by Elbit Systems, which focuses on the development of novel hydrogen technologies for energy storage and conversion based on its world-leading alkaline exchange membrane (AEM) electrode and stack technology.

Over the past decade the company has developed extensive, proprietary AEMFC technology, pilot-scale production and device operation capabilities, and hold a portfolio of 67 patent cases (50 already granted worldwide).

The company is an R&D oriented SME, located in Caesarea, consisting of 20 employees, among which, almost a third have PhDs in chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science and engineering and nano technology.

HYDROLITE takes pride in its comprehensive R&D and its 1200cm2 state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructure that cover the development, design, implementation and evaluation of innovative materials and nanotechnologies for AEM fuel cell and electrolyser devices.

In ECO2Fuel project, HYDROLITE will lead the efforts and development of work package 4 focusing on AEM advanced membrane development and upscale.