MONOLITHOS is an independent SME, operating according to EU standards and has a twenty-year experience in the manufacturing, regenerating, and recycling of catalytic converters.

The company’s Business Network is based on 1,025 Professional Automotive Workshop Clients for aftermarket products and 1,335 Suppliers of spent automotive catalysts for recycling.

While having a great percentage of the Greek market, more than 37% of its annual turnover is coming from exports (mainly to Germany). MONOLITHOS has received funding from the SME Instrument call for the commercialization of an innovative automotive catalyst with reduced Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) which is now at the final stage of commercialzation (homologation), while the product has been patented.

In addition, MONOLITHOS has developed and patented a methodology for recovering Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) from End of Life products including spent catalysts, magnets and electrochemical devices through EIT RM – Upscaling projects.

On this purpose, MONONOLITHOS has expanded its business facilities to an 1000 sqm industrial area for implementing the recovery process.

MONONOLITHOS’s staff includes five Metallurgical and Chemical Engineers holding a PhD on the material and chemistry science including hydrogen technologies, 4 researchers experts on the catalysis and the recycling, 8 technicians and 4 persons for administration and management.

Main Tasks in the Project ECO2Fuel

  • Leading WP3: Catalyst optimization and Upscale
  • Develop, upscale and supply electrocatalysts in the appropriate quantities for the pilot plant as well as for the final 1MW demonstrator
  • Recover catalysts and electrodes from used membrane electron assemblies
  • Study the performance of MONOLITHOS’ patented PROMETHEUS automotive catalyst (Eur Patent 19386014.5) and an OEM containing Pt/Pd/Rh EURO V/VI catalyst / Evaluate the efficiency of diesel particulate filter on diesel/alcohol synthetic fuel exhaust gas.
  • Cooperate with CRF and UPV to adapt the after-treatment components of the vehicle to better treat the noxious emissions produced by the engine fuelled with the ECO2Fuel blend.