Think11 GmbH is a German MarTech (Marketing Technology) company based in Osnabrück, Bielefeld, Garrel, Berlin and Münster, Germany.

The company’s headquarter is in Osnabrück. The aim of the company is the provision of services and consulting in digital marketing on a data-based level.

Think11 offers holistic digital marketing services focusing on the main digital ecosystems like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

The company combines a strong understanding of unique content production with target audience analytics and operative excellence in terms of key marketing activities like Search Engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Advertising (SMA), Programmatic Advertising (PA) and more.

Think11 offers services in more than 8 languages including English, French and German to approx. 60 clients and has invested more than 12 Mio EUR of advertising spend on behalf of its clients in 2019.

Think11’s key competences lie in the field of brand awareness, lead generation, data analysis and consulting. Furthermore, Think11 is the founder and host of one of the biggest Digital Marketing Conferences in Germany, the OMKB, taking place as a physical event but also as an online conference.

Main Tasks in the Project ECO2Fuel

  • Strengthen the visibility of the project in the various target audiences to attract future investments
  • Provide a communication toolkit
  • Establish a holistic communication strategy in order to exploit the project’s results to stakeholders and the broad public
  • Build the ECO2Fuel Website
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Make ECO2Fuel part of scientific content formats for the interested public