ECO2Fuel Perspectives

Turning CO2 Emissions into Sustainable Fuel: The Power of CO2 Recycling

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the ECO2Fuel Perspectives podcast, a pioneering platform where we discuss, debate, and delve into the groundbreaking research in the world of carbon dioxide (CO2) recycling. In this episode, we have two esteemed researchers in the field, Dr. Antonino Salvatore Aricó and Dr. Schwan Hosseiny, exploring the vast potential of CO2 recycling and how it could revolutionize our energy system.

ECO2Fuel Perspectives #1 – Turning CO2 Emissions into Sustainable Fuel: The Power of CO2 Recycling

Confronting Climate Change with CO2 Recycling

The episode begins with a frank discussion on the urgency of combating climate change and how CO2 recycling can play a pivotal role in this fight. Dr. Aricó explains the principle behind CO2 recycling, emphasizing its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and convert CO2 into useful fuels and chemicals – creating a carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative cycle.

The Catalyst for Change: Role of Catalysts in CO2 Recycling

Our experts then take a deep dive into the role of catalysts in CO2 recycling. The discussion encompasses the challenge of achieving multicarbon compounds, the importance of controlling the copper oxide oxidation state, and how catalyst chemistry depends on the products we wish to achieve.

Efficiency and Stability: Two Pillars of Successful CO2 Recycling

Dr. Aricó and Dr. Hosseiny further explore the critical parameters in the field of CO2 recycling – productivity, stability, and energy efficiency. They elaborate on the challenges in maintaining high selectivity towards high molecular weight hydrocarbons while operating at high current densities. They emphasize that not only is initial performance crucial but also the durability of the process.

The Financial Aspect: Cost-Effectiveness of CO2 Recycling

No discussion on the viability of a technology can be complete without addressing its economic aspect. Our experts discuss the key factors driving the cost of synthetic fuels produced through CO2 recycling, primarily the cost of renewable electricity and the capital cost of the system. They also outline strategies to reduce these costs and enhance the process’s economic viability.

A Social Acceptance Perspective: Public Perception and Policymaking

Beyond the technical and financial aspects, the social acceptance of CO2 recycling is also a critical determinant of its success. The podcast sheds light on the importance of information campaigns in increasing the social acceptability of this technology. It underscores the need to communicate the benefits of CO2 recycling not only to the general public but also to policymakers.

The Final Verdict: Is CO2 Recycling Just Delaying CO2 Emissions?

The podcast ends on a thought-provoking note, addressing a commonly asked question – isn’t CO2 recycling simply delaying CO2 emissions? Dr. Aricó dispels this notion, emphasizing that CO2 recycling creates a carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative process, thereby playing a crucial role in decarbonizing our energy system.


  • Guest: Dr. Antonino Salvatore Aricó
  • Host: Dr. Schwan Hosseiny
  • Intro, Outro, Schnitt, Logo: Stephanie Henke-von der Malsburg