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ECO2Fuel member Finalist in 2023 EUSEW Awards for Sustainable Energy Excellence

We are delighted to share with you that one of our consortium members, Anastasia-Maria Moschovi, has been selected as finalist in the 2023 European Sustainable Energy Awards  (EUSEW Awards).

The European Sustainable Energy Awards  (EUSEW Awards) recognize outstanding individuals and projects for their innovation and efforts in energy efficiency and renewables. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: ‘‘Innovation’’, ‘‘Local Energy Action’’ and ‘‘Woman in Energy’’.                    

The winners will be decided by an online public vote, which is open until 11 June. To learn about Anastasias initiative, please visit the EUSEW website and show your support by voting for her in the ‘‘Woman in Energy’’ category.

EUSEW2023 Finalist | Woman engineer bringing energy innovation to Greece with novel technologies

Anastasia-Maria Moschovi, a PhD holder in chemical engineering, is spearheading the development of cutting-edge technologies for fuel cells. Her groundbreaking innovations aim to reduce costs by 30%, paving the way for widespread adoption.

Anastasia-Maria firmly believes in the shared responsibility of both energy consumption and conservation. As the Head of Research, Development, and Innovation at Monolithos in Athens, she is at the forefront of various EU-funded projects. These initiatives focus on advancing hydrogen technologies, green energy generation and storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and industrial decarbonization.

At the heart of Anastasia-Maria’s work lies the recovery of critical raw materials from end-of-life devices. This process generates new inputs for the electrification and hydrogen-based technology sectors. By driving these initiatives, she envisions a future where businesses and the citizens of Athens can readily adopt these solutions. The outcome would be a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and production costs. Her ultimate goal is to identify key obstacles that impede the translation of research findings into practical applications, thereby assisting in the global energy transition.

An advantage of being situated in the industrial zone of Athens is the enhanced access to logistical services. This location enables Monolithos to serve as a central hub for the transportation of these materials to other European countries. Anastasia-Maria emphasizes the value of close collaboration and engagement with industries, institutions, and the academic community in Athens. This collaborative environment provides vital support for the uptake of her projects.

Anastasia-Maria’s leadership style has made her a role model for her team of 15 young researchers. Colleagues praise her inspirational personality and her unwavering dedication to their professional growth. Marios Kourtelesis, an R&I Catalysis Engineer at Monolithos, describes working in Dr. Moschovi’s team as a transformative experience. Eirini Zagaraiou, an R&I Scientist at Monolithos, adds that Anastasia-Maria fosters an inclusive and democratic work environment, while also actively supporting women in business, empowering them to achieve their career aspirations.

Anastasia-Maria highlights the significance of women in engineering and research roles, with over 66% of high-level positions within her team occupied by women. She stands as a champion of their potential and actively supports their advancement within the field.

Anastasia-Maria’s work aligns directly with the European Green Deal and the REPowerEU Plan. Her efforts encompass hydrogen development for industrial decarbonization and the recycling of critical raw materials to bolster the battery value chain. By addressing these critical areas, she contributes directly to the broader objectives of sustainability and environmental preservation.

To vote for Anastasia, click here.