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Advancing CO2 Reduction Technologies: Faria’s Journey with the ECO2Fuel Project

Faria joined DLR in November 2023 as part of the ECO2Fuel project, where she focused on the scale-up of electrochemical cells and the design of catalyst layers to efficiently convert CO2 into value-added fuels and alcohols. During her doctoral research, she investigated the influence of the gas diffusion layer to enhance the mass transport of CO2 into the catalyst layer. Additionally, she tuned the catalyst layer with bimetallic alloys to produce certain alcohols with high Faradaic efficiency. She also tested various adhesion layers, such as polymers and ionomers, to prevent the premature delamination of the catalyst layer during the electrochemical reduction reaction.

Advancing CO2 Reduction Technologies: Faria's Journey with the ECO2Fuel Project

During her master’s at the Ruhr University of Bochum, Faria worked on developing electrochemical biosensors. A significant part of her work involved successfully developing a flow cell system for electrochemical protein synthesis.

She is very excited to continue her work in optimizing electrochemical methods for reducing CO2 into value-added fuels and alcohols. Learning about the developments made in recent years by members of the ECO2Fuel project has been inspiring for her. Faria hopes to contribute similarly in developing efficient renewable energy systems for CO2 reduction in this project.