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CNR-ITAE hosted VITO in the framework of the ECO2Fuel project

CNR-ITAE hosted VITO in the framework of the ECO2Fuel project; researchers Jing Shen, Zhiyuan Chen, and technical manager Joost Helsen visited CNR in November for three days to discuss and harmonise the experiments and protocols to evaluate the CO2 electrolysis test rigs at both institutions.

During the visit, design and manufacturing of the demonstrator were also discussed, which have already started in parallel with the materials and components optimisation at VITO.

The consortium partner will be continuing these face-to-face exchanges to accelerate the upscaling and optimisation of the ECO2Fuel technology.

Next: Researchers from UPV visit DLR for 15 days for a hands-on workshop on the CO2 electrolyser test rig and online CO2 reduction product monitoring.

Project News

The evaluation of the catalytic activity

Manuel Molina Muriel, PhD from UPV, carried out his research activity at the CNR-ITAE Institute in Messina for 3 months (July to September).

During this time, some of the materials synthetized in UPV were tested as electrocatalysts for the CO2 electroreduction reaction, in the framework of European project ECO2Fuel.

The main objective of this research collaboration was the evaluation of the catalytic activity of a series of materials for the electroreduction of CO2 to CO, hydrocarbons and/or alcohols, in the framework of the ECO2Fuel project.

This is indeed a truly relevant process for the successful transition to a cleaner energy production, since the CO2 originated as by product in multiple processes can be converted to fuels instead of being liberated to the atmosphere.